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Plasma & Profile Burning

Machine Cutting Size Cutting Speed Oxy-Fuel Cutting Capacity Plasma Cutting Capacity
Suprarex SXE – P1 Plasma Profiling Machine Steel 1mm-20mm
4000mm x 2000mm 50-20000mm/min 10mm– 100mm Aluminium 1mm-16mm
Stainless Steel 1mm-16mm
Close up of profile burner

The proven design of the Suprarex SXE – P1 provides reliability and durability. Married with the state of the art CNC technology, the machine’s performance is optimised to provide high precision guidance, maximising the accuracy of the cutting process. In addition the increased efficiencies created, by reducing the time to set up and high speed cutting; ensure consistent & economic production of precision cut components.

The Columbus programming system provides adaptable and flexible software for the generation of cutting programmes and is DXF and DWG compatible.

Close up of profile burner

The duality of an oxy-fuel cutting system and plasma cutting system enables Farnworth & Langan the versatility to cut both linear and non linear components out of plates varying from 1mm to 100mm.